What Is the Purpose of ClassDojo?


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The purpose of Class Dojo is to reinforce positive classroom behaviors and save teachers time reporting and documenting student issues. The classroom management system is designed to allow teachers to provide feedback to students, measure positive and negative behavior and communicate with parents via a mobile-accessible online system.

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Benefits of using Class Dojo are that it is easy for teachers to set-up and manage the software and customize features utilized in the point-based reward system. Additionally, teachers can decide how to measure individual behaviors and can determine if the removal of reward points is appropriate for negative behaviors. This customization means that teachers can define the behaviors that are the most important in each classroom setting. In one class, points may be rewarded for raising a hand and waiting to be called on before speaking, while this may be considered too basic a skill to reward with points in another class.

Some concerns about using Class Dojo include student privacy issues, due to the web-based nature of the reporting system and the reliance on public competition among students to earn more points. This sort of competition may be demotivating to students with different learning needs and with different behavioral challenges.

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