What Is the Purpose of AAA School Safety Patrol Program?


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The purpose of the AAA School Safety Patrol program is to help young children learn how to maintain traffic safety in their capacity as pedestrians. Other benefits include the development of leadership skills, teamwork, citizenship, respect for law enforcement and participation in community service.

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Patrol members make a pledge in which they promise to do their best to faithfully carry out their duties, work to promote traffic safety, arrive at the job on time, report dangerous student activity and obey teachers and officers of the patrol. Members also follow clothing guidelines which mandate neatness and

cleanliness, details on wearing the patrol belt, and badge and a pen and paper for patrol members to note traffic violations. All of these small details exist to enable patrol members to fulfill their main purposes.

The AAA School Safety Patrol program arranges officers into ranks, and an awards program recognizes those patrol members who have demonstrated excellence in the performance of their duties. There is a national awards program as well as many school awards. Awards range from certificates and pins to pizza parties and trips to a game or theme park. AAA works with local school districts to provide awards for patrol ceremonies.

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