How Do You Purchase a Leap Frog TAG Reader Pen?


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Leap Frog TAG reader pens may be purchased directly from the Leap Frog website. The pens may also be ordered and shipped from Amazon.com or eBay.

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Leap Frog TAG Reader Pens are part of the Leap Reader Reading and Writing System, which is designed to help 4 to 8 year-old children learn to read and write. While the systems have been around for many years and ordering a replacement pen for a system may be a challenge, pens are still available, as of 2015. A stand-alone pen may not be available at box stores but can be ordered directly from the Leap Frog website.

These pens may also be found through auctions on eBay. Prices may vary more, and demand may be high, driving the prices higher than they were originally. The same is true for Amazon.com. The pens can be found on Amazon.com in both colors offered (purple or green), as of July 2015. Many vendors sell goods through Amazon.com, so prices vary depending on demand. As the Leap Reader systems become older, the pens may be more difficult to find. Ordering directly from the Leap Frog company ensures a more stable price and is not affected by the supply and demand price changes that occur on Amazon.com and eBay.

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