Which Publishers Offer Their World History Books Online?

Which Publishers Offer Their World History Books Online?

Publishers, such as Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill Education, offer paid access to online versions of their world history textbooks through their own proprietary educational platforms. Cambridge University Press offers a complete online library of its world history textbooks for free through its Cambridge Histories website.

McGraw-Hill Education allows students to purchase digital versions of its history textbooks through the company's LearnSmart or SmartBook online education platforms. SmartBook offers interactive versions of McGraw-Hill's world history textbooks, allowing students and instructors to highlight and annotate important information. The system conducts automated assessments to ensure students understand the material, allowing instructors to track students' progress.

McGraw-Hill's LearnSmart system complements its textbook content with additional learning materials including videos, audio lectures and interactive lab assignments. LearnSmart monitors each student's progress in real-time, adapting to each student's needs and learning style.

Pearson Education offers its digital textbooks for purchase through its MyLab & Mastering digital learning platform. The system also provides relevant games, videos and animations to supplement the textbook material.

The Cambridge Histories website offers a collection of free, full-text history books published by the Cambridge University Press. The collection includes a seven-volume general world history compendium, published in May, 2015, which covers general world history from before 10,000 BCE to the present day.

Additionally, the online collection includes history textbooks for fifteen specialized categories including the histories of religion, science, music and warfare. Readers may view the books on the website or download them in PDF, EPUB and ZIP formats.