How Do You Get Published?

How Do You Get Published?

To get published, finish your book, write a proposal and find an agent. Finally, submit a complete manuscript to your publisher. An experienced agent helps facilitate the process of getting published.

  1. Complete your book

    Finish your novel before looking for a publisher. Having a complete novel gives you something to show the publisher. Shopping for a publisher before the book is complete means you have to rush the writing.

  2. Find an agent

    Do research on agents experienced in your type of book. Send a proposal and a query letter, asking if they would be interested in representing you. You have a better chance of getting published if you have a good agent. Agents are also more likely to secure a bigger advance, encouraging companies to look at a proposal sooner.

  3. Write a proposal

    Write a proposal to submit to potential publishers. Your proposal should include the first three chapters of your book. Include a synopsis with your proposal to give the publisher a good idea of what your book is about.

  4. Submit your completed manuscript

    Submit a polished manuscript to publishers before getting an offer. Let other publishers know once you get an offer, in case they want to make one. Be patient and work with your agent to find different publishers for the best chance of success.