What Public School in Washington State Has the Best Rating?

What Public School in Washington State Has the Best Rating?

The Washington state public school with the best rating in 2015 is International School in Bellevue, according to U.S. News & World Report. Other top schools include International Community School, Bellevue High School and Newport High School.

Located in the Seattle suburb Bellevue, International School ranks as the top public school in Washington for 2015, also ranking among the top 30 schools nationally. Beginning at sixth grade, the school offers an intensive integrated curriculum that includes fine arts, math, international studies and language studies. Students must complete substantial activities outside of the classroom before graduation.

International Community School in Kirkland ranks second in the state, with a curriculum centered on humanities, world languages, arts, math and science. The school offers a strong selection of honors and Advanced Placement classes along with study abroad opportunities. International Community School also ranks as one of the top 25 schools in the country for STEM classes.

Bellevue High School ranks third in Washington state, also ranking within the top 200 schools nationally. The school boasts an AP participation rate of 88 percent and strong scores in reading proficiency, math proficiency and overall college preparedness.

Also located in Bellevue, Newport High School ranks fourth in the state. The school features substantial AP courses, high reading and math proficiency ratings, and a minority enrollment of 55 percent. Newport High also ranks among the top 200 high schools nationally.