What Are Some Psychology Projects to Do for a Class?


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Some ideas for psychological projects for a class include short-term memory experiments and conformity experiments. Other options include an experiment linking personality and individual music preferences, and gender-based memory studies.

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A short-term memory experiment is composed of testing various strategies that increase the amount of information that is memorized and recalled in a short period of time. Some strategies to consider are chunking, comparing random words to related words and comparing gender-associated terms with gender-neutral terms. In a conformity experiment, the point is to prove that individuals conform to ideas based on group influence. For example, most of the group in the experiment are planted there by the conductor and purposefully answer a question incorrectly, which then has an affect on the answer given by the rest of the group being tested.

When testing the link between individual personality and music preference, the conductor of the experiment begins with hypotheses, such as assertive people prefer aggressive musical styles or creative people like jazz and classical music. Then he composes a system of measurements concerning research and data collection before selecting subjects to test the hypotheses. A gender-based memory experiment focuses on research questions concerning the differences between the short-term memory of males and females. Some research examples to consider are which gender memorizes details concerning stories more accurately or which gender consistently scores higher on tests concerning numbers.

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