What Is the PSAT Score Range?

psat-score-range Credit: Clerkenwell/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The possible range of scores on the PSAT is between 60 and 240. This number is derived from the combined score of the three sections of the test.

The three sections of the test — math, critical reading and writing — each have a lowest possible score of 20 and a highest possible score of 80. The scores are added together to arrive at the total score. PSAT is an abbreviation for "Preliminary Standardized Aptitude Test." Typically taken in the 11th grade, it prepares students for taking the SAT in senior year. It is not considered by colleges when deciding whether to accept an applicant. In 2011, the average PSAT scores for 11th graders were 49 for math, 48 for critical reading, and 46 for writing. The combined average score was 143. While the PSAT is not required for college admission, it is considered a valuable practice for students in taking a long, multi-subject, multiple choice exam. Students have 50 minutes to complete the math section, 50 minutes to complete the critical reading section and 30 minutes to complete the writing section. Many schools offer the test in 9th or 10th grade as well. Students are allowed to take the test more than once.