What Are Some Proven Methods Used to Teach English Grammar to School-Aged Children?


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Some proven methods to teach English grammar to school-aged children include using familiar texts to explain rules, which students then apply in their writing, and games such as Bingo and word puzzles to practice parts of speech and sentence structure. The Grammar Translation method is useful for non-native speakers.

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Grammar lessons that engage the interest and involvement of the students while catering to their individual skill levels result in better learning. Giving students a target to achieve, such as publishing an article, provides them with incentive to understand and use rules. Teachers also use inductive methods through which they encourage students to reason independently rather than provide them with ready answers. Emphasizing common errors along with peer and self-assessment are effective ways to teach English grammar.

A strong grasp of grammatical concepts is important, as it leads to better reading comprehension and more clarity in communication, both written and oral. In turn, these lead to more effective learning and performance in other subjects.

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