What Are the Pros and Cons of Public Schools As Compared to Home Schooling?

Advantages of public school compared to home schooling include the fact that public schooling isn't as time-consuming for parents, public schooling can cost less, and public schools offer more extracurricular activities for kids. Disadvantages of public schools compared to home schooling include limited choices in schools, crowded classrooms, poor learning material, and the chance of a gifted or struggling student's needs going unmet.

Parents who home-school their children might have to take time off work to do so, which can be especially challenging for a single parent. Materials required for home schooling cost money, and parents who aren't able to work as much while teaching their children can experience an even greater financial strain if they don't have a reliable income stream. Sending kids to a public school allows parents to work regular hours to support themselves and their children, which in turn provides them with money to spend on standard school supplies and expenses.

Depending on where a family lives, the choices of available public schools might not be very good. Classrooms might be overcrowded, and learning materials might be substandard, which can lead to students not getting a good education. Under these conditions, parents might be better off home-schooling their children.