What Are Some Pros and Cons of Extracurricular Activities?


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Pros of extracurricular activities include the opportunity for students to explore their own interests outside of school, the ability to learn responsibility, and a better shot at attending college. Cons include the decreased amount of time for studying as well as the student's added pressure and increased fatigue.

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Extracurricular activities also build character. Extracurricular sports give kids a chance to learn teamwork, commitment and leadership. Kids also get a chance to exercise and stay busy from the time they finish school until their parents get home. Extracurricular activities also provide students with something to do during the summer.

One con for the student's family is the cost affiliated with extracurricular activities, which often involve costs that the school doesn't cover, including the cost of uniforms, registration fees and equipment.

Extracurricular activities are advantageous for students because they allow students to meet new people and forge bonds with them outside of school hours, giving them a sense of camaraderie. Conversely, the time spent doing activities outside of school takes away from time with the student's family and can put stress on the family's schedule because of the additional deadlines and dates the family has to meet outside of regularly school hours.

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