What Are the Pros and Cons of Attending Military High School?


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Military high schools can offer a sense of discipline and responsibility to students who need it. They are also often academically rigorous. On the other hand, military schools can alienate or frustrate more independent students and can be too academically rigorous for others.

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Military high schools are usually boarding schools, so they confer many of the advantages and disadvantages of any boarding school. For example, getting a student away from bad influences in his home town can be a boon, but the separation can be painful or damaging to parents, siblings and the student as well. Additionally, military schools are often quite expensive, so they may be beyond reach for many families. Military schools also fill students' time much more fully than traditional schools, so most students don't have the option of finding a part-time job after school.

In addition to discipline and academic achievement, military schools offer a number of other advantages. If a student is looking at a future career in the military, such a school can help him learn what military life is like. These schools usually require physical training, encouraging students to be physically fit. Military schools can also be good options for families who wish to send their children to private schools but do not want to choose a religious school.

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