What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Attending a Charter School?

Some of the pros of attending a charter school include access to better learning options than the ones public schools offer, and promotion of healthy competition in school, which translates to better individual levels of achievement. The downsides of charter schools include the potential for overworking teachers, which impairs their productivity and students' potential to excel, and the uncertainties that arise from the quality of the schools’ management.

Compared to public schools, charter schools offer better alternatives without having to struggle with the high costs of private schools. Parents are in a position to select the right charter school that suits their children. Charter schools offer several learning options for students, which increases the competitiveness of public schools as school districts come under pressure to re-evaluate their practices and improve educational standards.

Charter schools tend to require greater teacher involvement in class, with insatiable demands often affecting the teachers’ productivity. In turn, some teachers end up resenting the profession or burning out. When this occurs, a student’s performance is in jeopardy. The management of charter school tends to vary from one school to the next. Mismanaged schools expose students to low-quality curriculum and insufficient teaching materials, which lowers the quality of learning.