What Is the Proper Format for Writing a Book Report?


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Acceptable book report formats vary depending on the grade level of the student and the specific requirements of the assigning teacher. Book reports generally include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Topics covered in the body of the report may include plot, themes, character descriptions and the student's opinion of the book.

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The introduction of a book report should always include the title of the book and the author. Book reports written in higher grades often require writing about the themes present in the book. Outlines of the themes are included in the introduction.

The body of a book report includes a summary of the plot and other information required by the teacher who assigned the task. For elementary grades, this may include the student's impressions of the book, what aspects she enjoyed or did not enjoy, and whether or not the student would recommend this book to other people.

In secondary grades, students are usually required to analyze the themes, characters and literacy devices in the book. Reports assigned in secondary school frequently require more detail, including detailed description of the setting of the book in relation to the themes and full descriptions of all of the book's main characters. Analysis of symbolism used throughout the book may also be required, including discussion of how the symbols used relate to aspects of characters' personalities or events in the story.

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