How Do You Pronounce "pronunciation?"?

The English word "pronunciation" is usually pronounced phonetically as "pruh-nun-see-ay-shun." The word derives from the Latin word "pronuntiationem" and the Middle French word "prononciation;" the latter language's pronunciation is the one most reflected in the English pronunciation of the word.

"Pronunciation" has five syllables in the word. The first syllable always begins with the "pr" followed by a schwa, a mid-central vowel sound similar to the "a" in "about" or the "u" in "supply."

The second syllable is usually a short "u" sound between two occurrences of the letter "n;" other examples of the short "u" sound are "duck" and "bud." English speakers sometimes pronounce the second syllable as "noun" rather than "nun," replacing the short "u" sound with an "ou" sound similar to the one found in "house." This non-standard pronunciation comes from its derivation from the English word "pronounce," which does use the "ou" sound in its standard pronunciation.

The third syllable in the word is usually an "s" followed by a long "e" sound similar to the one found in "see" and "ear." Another acceptable pronunciation of the third syllable uses a "sh" sound, similar to the sound used in "ash" and "sure," instead of the "s" sound.

The fourth syllable is always a long "a" sound similar to the "a" sound in "day" and "pain." The fifth syllable is always the connection of a "sh" sound, another schwa and an "n" sound.