What Are Some Programs of Study Offered by College of DuPage?


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College of DuPage offers various programs of study including philosophy and religious studies. It also offers a political science program. College of DuPage is located in Illinois.

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The philosophy and religious studies program at College of DuPage provides specialized and introductory courses that discuss the development of societies’ value systems and ideas. The courses cover the history, beliefs, literature and cultural aspects of religious systems. Instructors relate subject matters to practical living issues. Students can take philosophy and religious studies courses to satisfy general education requirements or to broaden their horizon.

The courses in this program offer a background for any field of study that demands creative and critical thinking. The basic philosophy course introduces students to the study of reality, knowledge and human conduct. Logic covers the fundamental systems and rules of logic. Ethics goes over moral theories, principles and concepts. Other courses in the program discuss the major ideas from a number of religions. The school also offers other courses on Asian thought and various topics in religious studies.

The political science program at College of DuPage teaches students how governments work and how political decisions influence citizens’ daily lives. Students who graduate with a degree in political science can work as administrative assistants, intelligence research specialists or immigration inspectors. They can also work in other fields including legal services and law enforcement. Students who complete the program at this college earn an associate of arts degree.

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