What Are Some Programs That Quickly Teach Math?

First In Math and DreamBox Learning are two programs that help children accelerate quickly in math by means of interactive digital content, adaptive technology, individualized learning and easy access. Both programs have met with success in schools, and case studies for First In Math confirm the program's educational success.

First In Math divides into distinct modules that teach different math skills, including Skill Sets, Just the Facts, Workout Gym, Know & Show and Measurement World. The program utilizes DEEP technology, which identifies student problem areas and then has the student focus on just those problems before moving on. This helps the student master material to avoid lag later on. Students with better math skills are able to progress more quickly through the material as the program identifies their abilities and moves them on to new topics.

DreamBox Learning streamlines the math learning process by identifying individual student understanding, skill level and learning style and adjusting the material accordingly. Real-time technology continually monitors the student at work, adjusting the number of hints and problem sequencing. As with First in Math, this enables higher performing students to move quickly through the program without being kept behind. DreamBox Learning also provides real-time data to aid teachers in quickly assessing each student's strengths and weaknesses.