What Are Some Programs Offered by the University of Cincinnati?

What Are Some Programs Offered by the University of Cincinnati?

The University of Cincinnati offers undergraduate, certificate and graduate programs through its member colleges. It also provides an honors program for top-performing students, as well as an extensive athletics program that includes men's and women's basketball, men's and women's golf, track and field, and baseball.

Degree and certificate program subcategories include green roofs, historic preservation and business economics. The green roofs certificate program teaches green roof planning, design, installation, maintenance and the contemporary green roofing scene. The certificate program in historic preservation trains students in preserving historic places, and the program requires internships, studios or projects for completion, depending on the department. The bachelor's degree in business administration is available at the university's main campus, and it instructs students in economic trend analysis, forecasting, and other combined economic and business topics.

The University Honors Program gives select students the opportunity to display and develop leadership and creative skills and participate in global studies and community engagement. The program consists of various honors seminars and experiential learning projects.

In addition to its official Bearcats athletics programs, the University of Cincinnati also has an intramural sports program and club sports. Students can visit the sports' Web pages to register for these programs.

The University of Cincinnati is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.