What Are Some Programs Offered at Towson University in Maryland?

Towson University in Maryland offers undergraduate, graduate, online and off-campus degree programs. Towson also offers community, arts, ethnic, athletic and service programs for students and the wider community.

According to its website, Towson offers 65 undergraduate, 41 graduate and 4 doctoral degree programs, in addition to 28 non-degree certificates. The community outreach programs are run by the Towson fine and performing arts departments, with classes by professionals and current students.

For incoming freshmen, Towson has a New Student Program designed to help first-year and transfer students make a smooth transition into college life. Meanwhile, the Asian Arts and Culture Center, established in 1971, focuses on trans-cultural arts and community service. Students can also participate in intramural and Division I athletics.

Finally, Towson has 90 community partnerships with groups aimed at improving Maryland's environment, health and economics. These programs provide volunteer and career experience for students.