What Programs Can You Use to Quickly Learn English?


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Quickly learn English by using the program Rosetta Stone to study. Apps such as Sounds: The Pronunciation App and Google Translate add to your base of knowledge by introducing you to new vocabulary and helping you correct your pronunciation.

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Rosetta Stone is a language program that combines pictures, audio and text into an effective learning tool. The program begins with simple concepts and ideas meant to develop introductory vocabulary, with more complex language skills added gradually. English lessons are provided by multiple modules, each consisting of several learning levels. The lessons are all done at the learner's own pace, allowing users to quickly learn English depending on how much effort they apply and how quickly they complete each lesson.

To aid in learning English, Sounds: The Pronunciation App uses symbols that represent various sounds in the language. The symbols are displayed along with the words to clearly demonstrate what the proper pronunciations are. All pronunciations are in American accents. The application is initially free, but it can be upgraded to a premium version that includes games and quizzes to help users learn at a faster rate.

Google Translate can also help with pronunciation, but it is best used for building vocabulary. When a user reads English passages into the app, he can see the spoken words displayed on the screen. A translation into the language of the user's choice helps to verify what the user said.

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