What Are Some Programs Available at MJC College?

What Are Some Programs Available at MJC College?

Modesto Junior College (MJC) offers a range of programs in the arts, social sciences, education and justice; it also has programs for agricultural development, sales, business and registered nursing. MJC is a 2-year college that offers primarily associate's degrees, along with certificates and community education programs. These courses, designed for adults, are non-credit classes for career improvement or skills advancement.

In total, MJC enrolls over 18,000 students each year. Its most popular programs, according to the school's website, are Transfer Studies, Business Administration, Nursing, Child Development, The Arts, Biology, Social Science, Behavioral Studies, Justice Administration and Athletic Training.

Within these areas of studies, students can specialize in many subfields. In the Business program, for instance, students may earn certificates in accounting and bookkeeping, and learn to be accounting clerks.

In the Justice program, students may earn Administration of Justice, Psychology and Forensics degrees. The school supports this program with many facilities, including lecture halls and learning classrooms.

The Agricultural program is supported by six teaching centers and fields. This program offers degrees in complementary areas, including Agriculture Science, Agriculture Business, Animal Science and Agriculture Sales and Service.

In addition to these specific programs, MJC has an adult education program. This program lets adults take career advancement courses or complete their studies in many areas. The program offers childcare services, evening and night courses, and personalized learning plans to balance work and life.