What Are Some Programs That Are Available at Cottey College for Women?

What Are Some Programs That Are Available at Cottey College for Women?

Bachelor of Arts programs in business, English and environmental studies are available at Cottey College for Women. Programs in health sciences, international relations and psychology are also available.

The business program, which increases the students’ knowledge of social issues concerning business principles, provides the tools students need to process information logically and solve business problems effectively. Students can select an area of concentration from accounting, marketing, management and human resources. Students who complete the program can work as financial analysts, auditors, sales representatives and accountants.

The English program combines a traditional English major with an emphasis in women’s studies, encouraging research and helping students develop critical thinking skills. The environmental studies program focuses on developing sustainable communities.

The health sciences program prepares students to work in various fields including dentistry, pharmacy and optometry. Students who complete the program satisfy the prerequisites for admission to many professional graduate schools.

The international relations program focuses on economic relations among nations and politics in various areas of the world. Students spend at least one semester studying in the country of their choice. Upon their return, they write a thesis addressing an issue the area faces. Students who major in psychology at Cottey College for Women gain exposure to real world experiences through research and internships.