Which Programs or Apps Show You How to Diagram a Sentence?


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A few programs available that teach students how to diagram a sentence include SenDraw by the University of Central Florida and Diagramming Sentences by the City University of New York. The Link Grammar Parser by Carnegie Mellon University is a program that analyzes sentence structure.

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SenDraw enables users to create traditional Reed-Kellogg sentence diagrams. SenDraw does not analyze submitted sentences, so it does not generate sentence diagrams. Instead, students use the software to create diagrams of sentences that have already been analyzed.

Diagramming Sentences is a program developed at CUNY to create sentence diagrams. It uses the standard Reed-Kellogg diagram format, and allows for diagramming of very complicated sentence structures. This program allows teachers to create and save sets of example diagrams as instructional tools, and comes with a small set of example sentence diagrams. Students can save and print their work. The software documentation contains extensive screen shots of each feature in use.

A unique project from Carnegie Mellon University enables sentence analysis by a computer. The Link Grammar Parser analyzes submitted sentences and diagrams their structure in a constituent tree rather than the traditional Reed-Kellogg diagram format. It uses link grammar, a theory of English syntax developed by the school, to interpret meaning and parts of speech for the words in the sentence, using syntactical structures based on word pairings.

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