What Products and Services Does Lifetouch Yearbooks Offer?

What Products and Services Does Lifetouch Yearbooks Offer?

Lifetouch Yearbooks offers yearbook design, publishing and sale services. It can partner with high schools, middle schools and elementary schools to create and publish yearbooks with creative designs.

Lifetouch Yearbooks provides assistance and support to schools throughout the process of creating, publishing and selling yearbooks. By calling a toll-free number, high schools can get in touch with a Lifetouch Yearbooks representative to speak about their unique needs and customize their programs.

Lifetouch Yearbooks offers creative design services for customers who order a custom cover design and meet the minimum volume requirement. The Lifetouch Yearbooks website allows customers to access their accounts and use the advanced features at any time. The company can also help schools promote their yearbooks by creating promotional materials and sending them to families.

Customers can download or order instructional kit materials that simplify yearbook creation. Schools also receive a comprehensive yearbook curriculum. In addition, they get e-learning modules and tutorials that walk them through every step of the yearbook-creation process. Finally, Lifetouch Yearbooks sends personalized email newsletters to help customers keep their projects on track.

Lifetouch Yearbooks provides elementary and middle schools the colorful signature design feature, which allows the customer to include borders and backgrounds. Elementary and middle schools can access clip art from Lifetouch, as well.