What Is a Problem With Different Sources of Research?

One problem associated with multiple sources of research is credibility. Every source does not have the same level of credibility. Research facilities understand the research process; therefore, people rely on their results. Inexperienced individuals and companies that conduct research don’t use the same methods research institutions use, and their results don’t have the same credibility.

When people conduct research, it’s possible that errors are included in the data as facts. Data collection errors and interviewer errors all affect the outcome of the study. When people include too many sources, they are incorporating these errors into their data, which skews their results.

Purdue Owl recognizes that there are times sources limit a person’s point of view. In fact, the more sources one uses, the more likely it is for them to find many sources that agree with them, instead of offering another point of view. People must limit their sources, so that sources with the same point of view do not impact their research.

People can enhance their research by citing sources from reputable organizations and individuals, but they must be careful. Too many sources increase the chances that the information contains inaccurate information resulting from collection and interviewer errors; fewer sources reduce the impact of errors. Additionally, adding too many sources to research papers can negatively impact writer's research position.