What Are Some Private Schools for Autistic Children?

Some private schools for children with autism include the Creekside School in San Jose, California; Sunrise School in Monroeville, Pennsylvania and Manhattan Star Academy in New York. These three schools generally help children starting from the age of five, and they offer a variety of educational and therapeutic services.

The Creekside School helps children with autism develop their communication, social, academic and motor skills to become independent. Some of the programs offered include those dealing with occupational therapy, recreation, adaptive daily living and speech therapy. The school works closely with the community and families.

Sunrise School offers academic programs, support services and vocational training for those between the ages of five and 21. Academic assistance is individualized with a focus on computer skills and communication. Students with autism and other disabilities can get speech therapy, occupational therapy, nursing care, hearing assistance and behavioral counseling. Older students can work toward transitioning to independent adult lives through career development and work programs.

Manhattan Star Academy offers a well-rounded curriculum for students with autism. Students have access to teachers and therapists who provide individualized assistance and help students develop socially, academically and physically. Nutrition and mental health are also part of the curriculum, and teachers use concepts such as applied behavioral analysis and floor time as of 2015.