What Are Some Private Colleges That Offer Nursing Programs?

Three private colleges offering nursing programs include Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio; Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California and Galen College of Nursing, which has locations in multiple cities across the United States. Azusa Pacific University's and Galen College of Nursing's offerings include undergraduate nursing programs, while Urbana University also has a master's degree program in nursing as of 2015.

Urbana University's master's degree program in nursing offers tracks for either leadership or education, and it is designed for Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates or other licensed nurses with bachelor's degrees, notes Urbana.edu. Students can choose between online courses and courses at hospitals near the school.

Azusa Pacific University's BSN program is for traditional students who completed high school coursework in science and math. Students join a cohort and take courses in areas such as pathophysiology, mental health nursing, pharmacology, health assessment, nursing research, leadership, nursing management and data management. There are many opportunities for labs and practica for hands-on experience including in specialty areas.

Galen College of Nursing offers a mix of nondegree and undergraduate degree programs for different types of nurses, with offerings varying by campus. It has programs for aspiring licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses including an online option for registered nurses needing bachelor's degrees. There are advanced standing and dual track programs offered in addition.