How Do You Find Free Printable Third-Grade Spelling Worksheets?

Free, printable third grade spelling worksheets are available at, and offers lessons, tests and printable spelling word lists. This site’s free spelling program features 40 weekly third grade spelling lists and interactive spelling games.

A child is introduced to a new printable list weekly that can be downloaded and practiced through online spelling games, such as hangman, word jumble and word search. Spelling words include a basic vocabulary list, a third-grade reading list, compound words and SAT words. Additionally, the lists cover grade-appropriate word families, prefixes and suffixes and word roots and origins. offers printable worksheets that are designed to enhance word comprehension and meaning through the use of prefixes, hyphens and contractions. Spelling sheets focus on a variety of topics such as Greek mythology, music, holidays and the science of outer space.

At, third graders can view screen shots of a work sheet they would like to print. Worksheets such as Calendar Clues, contain scrambled words that students must decipher and put in the right order to complete a crossword puzzle. This site offers picture word puzzles, magic word squares and a silent letter search that requires adding the silent letter to complete the puzzle. The worksheets are designed to be fun, interactive and engaging.