How Are Printable Shapes Used?


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Parents and teachers can use printable shapes to teach children to draw, recognize, compare and match different shapes; children can also learn to count and match colors with the printable shapes. People can download free printable worksheets that show various shapes and contain activities involving them. Two such websites offering these include Tlsbooks and Kids Learning Station.

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Some printable worksheets feature only a specific shape, such as a square, triangle or circle, and they may include activities where children select the right shape or color objects in that shape. Other worksheets use multiple shapes and can be used to teach kids to differentiate between the shapes, choose shapes of a specific size (such as large or small) or count how many of each shape there are. Furthermore, some worksheets are used specifically for children to trace the shapes and eventually learn to draw each on their own.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, children typically learn about shapes and preschool and should have mastery of them when they finish kindergarten. In addition to using printable shapes to teach children, parents and teachers can ask children to identify the shapes of objects around the house or classroom, differentiate between objects that are two-dimensional and three-dimensional, discuss how objects of the same shape can differ and play games where shapes are identified.

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