How Do You Print Homework Sheets?

Print homework sheets by visiting one of several worksheet websites, selecting a sheet and following the instructions given to print it. The exact printing process depends on the homework sheet's format and the website that publishes it. Super Teacher Worksheets, SchoolExpress and The Teachers Corner all offer printable homework sheets.

Super Teacher Worksheets offers thousands of unique printable worksheets and homework sheets, including pre-made sheets dealing with money, reading comprehension, syllables and the human body. The company also offers several worksheet generators to create custom homework pages for math, vocabulary and practice quizzes. To print, open a PDF worksheet in a browser and click the printer icon.

SchoolExpress offers more than 17,000 free printable homework sheets, as well as generators to make crossword puzzles, cryptograms and pages to practice alphabetizing. Available categories include handwriting, math, science and reading. Click a worksheet to open a PDF version of the page, then print it directly from the browser.

The Teachers Corner features a collection of worksheet generators to create crossword puzzles, mazes, time-telling worksheets and sudoku, along with printable maps and daily writing prompts. These homework sheets are fully customizable. Right-click on the page and select the Print option to print these worksheets.