How Do You Print Coloring Sheets?


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Print coloring sheets by going to Crayola.com and choosing from a wide selection of designs. Click on the picture you wish to print, and after it comes up, click the blue button that says Print Now. Make sure your computer is hooked up to a printer before commanding it to print.

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Printable coloring sheets are available in a number of different educational subjects on Crayola.com, including Science, Plants and Animals, Social Studies, Seasons and Words and Animals. There are also coloring sheets specifically for celebrations and practicing certain art techniques. After deciding which design you want to print from the available categories, click on it and choose the print option when its individual page comes up.

Educational Coloring Pages has over 100 printable coloring sheets to choose from on its website. These pages are divided into categories such as Fantasy, Animals, Nature and People. Educational Coloring Pages also has several full-length educational coloring books available to print. To print a coloring sheet from this website, click the printer icon above the individual image you wish to print.

Whichever website you use to print coloring sheets, you will also likely have to click the print button again after sending the initial request to your printer through the website. Typically, before a printer prints something, it causes a box on your computer to pop up first, asking you to specify details about the print job before confirming it.

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