How Do You Print a Certificate of Completion?

How Do You Print a Certificate of Completion?

To print a certificate of completion for a course, go to the school's website, log into the online system, search for a list of completed courses and click on the appropriate link to print the certificate. Students can typically find specific instructions for their school on the school's official website.

A certificate of completion demonstrates that a student has successfully passed a course or learning activity. For example, those who complete courses through the Human Research Protection Program at Michigan State University can print a certificate after completing a course, notes

Use the following steps to print a certificate at Michigan State University.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the Michigan State University website,

  3. Log in to the system
  4. Log in to the Saba training system using the appropriate ID and password.

  5. Find the course
  6. Click on My Training in the upper right of the screen, and then click on My Completed Courses. Find the desired course under the heading Completed Courses.

  7. Print the certificate
  8. Hover the mouse over the Actions heading to view a list of action options. Click on the Print Certificate option to print a certificate of completion. Repeat the steps for every completed course to print a certificate for each one.