What Are Primary School Captain Speeches?

primary-school-captain-speeches Credit: Absodels/ABSODELS/Getty Images

Primary school captain speeches consist of information about a candidate for a captain position at an elementary school. The speech should include positive qualities about the candidate, the candidate's goals for the upcoming school year, and the candidate's position on problems or issues the school is facing.

When crafting a speech for a primary school captain election, students should begin by introducing themselves. For example, the student should state his name, grade level and city of residence. Next, the student should detail qualities that qualify him for a captain position, such as a motivated mind, a determined heart, his eagerness to help others and his willingness to make changes at the school. The student should also provide examples of his leadership qualities and accomplishments. For example, the student can discuss how he works as a class tutor, any academic honors he has earned and how he volunteers with class projects. In addition, the student may also want to mention any hobbies, interests or extracurricular activities or athletic memberships that appeal to the student body. For example, the student may mention how he is an active member of school clubs and is determined to ensure that the clubs, programs and benefits for students can still be available or enhanced during his tenure as captain.