How Do You Prevent Students From Cheating on Online School Quizzes?

How Do You Prevent Students From Cheating on Online School Quizzes?

Strategies to prevent students from cheating on online school quizzes include setting a time limit, using different types of questions and displaying one question per page. The teacher should create a question bank and randomize the questions for each student's quiz, so no two quizzes are the same.

Since students aren't monitored during online quizzes, they're able to use any material necessary, including books and lecture notes. A time limit for the quiz makes it more difficult for students to use these materials and gives an advantage to students who have prepared properly and already understand the information.

Objective question types include multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank questions. Question types that tend to be subjective are those that require students to write an answer. Subjective questions often require a deeper understanding of the information to write an appropriate answer. Quizzes that mix question types test students in multiple ways.

Students can share online quiz questions by taking a screenshot. Quizzes that have one question per page make this process more time consuming. Another way a teacher can prevent students from sharing online quiz questions is by adding an audio or video component to questions. This makes the questions difficult to copy.

A teacher can limit the feedback given for online quizzes to prevent students from sharing information. If the correct answers are provided for each question, students can share them.