What Are Some Pretty Hispanic Names for Girls?

What Are Some Pretty Hispanic Names for Girls?

What Are Some Pretty Hispanic Names for Girls?

Pretty Hispanic names for girls include Bonita and Linda, both of which mean pretty in Spanish. The name Rosalinda translates to pretty rose. Other Hispanic names for girls are Adelita, Alejandra, Camila, Penelope and Pilar.

Adelita is a variation on the name Adela, derived from the German name Adala. The name means noble. Along with that quality, it also represents courage and strength due to a woman of that name who traveled with revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution.

Alejandra comes from the Greek name Alexandros. It refers to a protector or defender.

Camila comes from Camillus, a Roman family name. The name means attendant, and the masculine form of this name is Camilo.

Penelope comes from the Greek myth of Odysseus, whose wife has this name. The first part of the name, pene, means niddle. The second, lope, means spool. When combined, the full name means weaver of cunning.

Pilar means pillar. In Spanish, the Virgin Mary is referred to as "La virgin del Pilar," or the virgin of the pillar.

Names with a religious origin are popular in Hispanic cultures. Children are also often named after relatives. Hispanic names are often variations on names from other cultures. Hispanic names are typically longer than English names, as children are given two names and have one last name from each parent.