What Are Some Pretty Hebrew Names for Girls?


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For the father of a baby girl, a good Hebrew name is Abby, which means "my father's delight." Alternatively, names such as Aliza, Hana, Karen and Nettie are representative of physical or personal beauty.

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Aliza means "filled with joy" in Hebrew, whereas Hana means "gracious." Karen is a modern variant of Keren, which means "ray" in reference to both sunlight and to a child's positive disposition. Nettie can also mean "gracious," but this type of grace conveys mercy and forgiveness rather than a physical grace. Other Hebrew girls' names include Shoshana, or "rose," Tikva, which means "hope," and Uriella, which means "light of God."

Hebrew girls' names often reference the beauty of God as well as the virtues of the name bearer. Other sources of Hebrew girls' names come from nature, with references to flowers, light and water being very common. This is representative of the traditional importance of the natural world to the well-being of the Jewish people, along with their gratitude to God for providing and caring for them. Giving a name of this type to a baby girl is seen as a wish for her to both provide and receive these types of blessings within her community.

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