What Are Some Pretty Biblical Baby Names for Girls?


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Some pretty girl names from the Bible include Abigail, Bethany, Delilah and Charity. There are many girl names that can be considered both Biblical and pretty, however much of that is attributed to personal taste.

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What Are Some Pretty Biblical Baby Names for Girls?
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According to Behind the Name, there are at least 142 feminine names in the Bible. These include Candace, which is take from the hereditary title of queens in Ethiopia. This name may be found in the Book of Acts. Another name that is often considered pretty is Delilah. This name can be found in the Book of Judges and means delicate, week and languishing in Hebrew.

Eve, a Hebrew name meaning "to breathe," was popularized by the first biblical woman in its history. Other important and pretty girl names in the Bible include Esther, Mary, Ruth and Sarah. Sapphira, found in Acts, is another pretty biblical name which means "lady, princess and noblewoman" in Hebrew. Hannah, which means "gracious," is found in the Book of Samuel.

Other names include Tamar, Susanna, Phoebe and Rachel. Tamar was the name of both the daughter-in-law of Judah, as well as the name of King David's daughter. There were six prominent Mary-named figures in the Bible, which includes Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

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