How do you do a presentation?


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To plan a presentation, begin by framing your thoughts and notes about the topic with an outline, then plan the delivery method, such as reading from a script or improvising with bullet points. When presenting, minimize verbal interferences, show emphasis with tone of voice and avoid too much movement.

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  1. Prepare the presentation

    Brainstorm the primary points of the issue or topic, and jot down notes and bullet points. Alternatively, write a script that can be delivered during the presentation. Incorporate a balance of facts, details, personal examples and multimedia to keep the audience engaged and further illustrate main points of the presentation.

  2. Practice stage presence

    Rehearse the presentation in front of a mirror or a small audience to prepare for the presentation. Avoid moving too much, as this can be distracting for viewers, and add changes in your tone when emphasizing main points of the speech.

  3. Act natural

    Present in a tone and manner that is appropriate to the topic and the audience. For example, smile when relaying positive examples, and maintain serious facial expressions when discussing serious topics. Approach the presentation in a natural manner with body language that conveys emotions, passion for the topic and a genuine nature, which helps the audience relate to you.

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