Where Do You Take Preschoolers on a Field Trip?

Where Do You Take Preschoolers on a Field Trip?

Some ideas for preschool field trips include a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, a farm, a fire station or a children’s museum. These age-appropriate destinations offer a variety of learning experiences for preschoolers, and most also offer opportunities for physical activity.

A zoo or wildlife sanctuary allows kids the opportunity for up-close views of animals they would never see otherwise. Both locations offer a great deal of walking around, allowing kids to exercise and burn off energy. A visit to a wildlife sanctuary can also help preschoolers learn more about the environment, endangered species and conservation efforts.

A trip to a farm is another opportunity for kids to learn about animals in a different context. Preschoolers can pet and feed farm animals as well as getting a look at the agricultural process and learning where food comes from. A tour of the farm grounds also gives kids an opportunity to spend time outdoors.

Visiting a fire station offers preschoolers a range of opportunities for learning. Firefighters can teach kids practical tips about fire safety and the process of fighting fires, while the station itself offers potential for exploration and experiences, such as sitting in an actual fire truck.

A children’s museum is a perennial field trip favorite, with a host of activities and attractions designed to engage younger children. Preschoolers can learn about art and science in an environment specifically designed to accommodate them.