How Do I Get Free Preschool Lessons for Sunday School?

How Do I Get Free Preschool Lessons for Sunday School?

A simple way to get free Sunday school lessons for preschool classes is to look for lessons online. Many options exists, and while some sites require membership, many others are free without providing details. Simple supplies provided by the church can also be used to teach preschool Sunday school lessons.

  1. Search for lessons online

    Look online for Sunday school lessons. Consider using specific keywords, such as "ten commandment lessons for preschoolers," to find the exact results you need.

  2. Choose free options

    During the search, eliminate any websites or curriculum sites that require a membership, as many sites offer free access to materials. Type "free" in front of your keywords to avoid sites that require payment.

  3. Check the church's supplies

    Speak with the pastor or other leadership in the church to find out if there are supplies in the church that can be used for Sunday school. Leftover paper and craft items from other activities, such as vacation bible school, may be available for use in Sunday school lessons. Additionally, the church administrators may be able to ask for donations of materials, such as copy paper for printing lessons, crayons and other supplies, from church members to prevent Sunday school teachers from having to pay for them personally.