How Do You Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

How Do You Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

To prepare for the TOEFL test, get familiar with the test content, practice your English skills as often as possible and take practice tests. Preparing for the TOEFL takes at least one hour a day and requires access to English material and a TOEFL-preparation book.

  1. Get familiar with the content

    The test includes a reading, listening and speaking portion. The reading consists of 36 questions about college-level texts. The listening consists of 36 questions about college-type lectures and conversations. The speaking test features eight questions related to college-type situations.

  2. Practice speaking English

    Use every opportunity to practice communicating in English. Listen to native English speakers whenever possible, and copy their phrasing, terminology and vocabulary.

  3. Practice writing in English

    Use English to communicate in writing with emails, texts and letters. Keep a journal in English. In the journal, collect vocabulary lists of new words, and seek out academic-level words.

  4. Listen to English broadcasts

    Listen to music and radio broadcasts in English. Watch television and movies in English. This helps increase your vocabulary.

  5. Read in English

    Read newspapers, magazines and books in English. Keep a list of words and phrases you want to practice using while communicating. Buy a TOEFL-preparation book, and take the reading practice tests.

  6. Take practice tests

    An essential aspect of scoring well on the TOEFL is pacing. One month prior to the test date, start taking practice tests once a week. Keep trying to achieve a higher score while keeping track of your pace.

  7. Prepare for the testing day

    Collect several No. 2 pencils. Mechanical pencils are not allowed on the test. Bring an eraser and a bottle of water on test day.