How Do You Prepare Third Graders for an ELA Test?


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The specific methods for preparing third graders for an English language arts test vary according to the teaching style of the instructor but typically include a focus on basic grammar, sentence composition and comprehension. Many teachers accomplish this through quizzes, interactive instruction, reading assignments and class activities.

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An ELA test gauges a student's ability to read a text, retain information about it, and write a short essay that supports or refutes an argument according to the source material. These tests draw on basic language skills, primarily reading comprehension and writing. As the tests require critical thinking and creativity along with factual adherence to grammatical rules, teachers often employ a variety of methods to prepare students for the exams. One of the key elements of any plan is to frequently task students with reading different books and texts along with requiring some form of written project that requires specific knowledge of the story. This helps the students practice reading skills and become comfortable with writing in an academic manner.

Another important aspect of preparing third grade students for an ELA test is studying the different grammar rules. Lesson plans may focus on memorizing different concepts, such as the purpose of adverbs or gerunds, as well as how to change various verbs to the correct tense. Some plans may include worksheets, instructional videos or creative writing projects.

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