How Do You Prepare for a School Safety Practice Exam?

To prepare for the School Safety Agent exam, read a safety agent handbook to know the full responsibilities involved in the job, and study practice tests and previous exams. Ask experienced school safety agents for test-taking tips, or take online practice exams for a fee.

Contact the school or police department to obtain a safety agent handbook. Take online practice exams to familiarize yourself with the possible questions included in the School Safety Agent test and to develop strategies on answering different types of questions. TestPrep-Online offers practice exams for the NYPD School Safety Agent Exam at $20 as of 2015. The package consists of two study guides and 43 practice tests.

The NYPD School Safety Agent test consists of multiple-choice questions and requires a 70 percent passing score. The exam assesses a person’s skills on subjects such as written comprehension, written expression, memory, problem sensitivity and deductive reasoning. It also determines an individual’s inductive reasoning, information ordering and spatial orientation abilities.

The responsibilities of School Safety Agents encompass patrolling school premises, protecting students from potential dangers and applying basic first aid whenever necessary. They must also understand basic laws concerning the detention of crime suspects as well as school policies related to handling conflicts. School Safety Agents also inspect for unlawful objects and provide directions to visitors.