How Do You Prepare for the NYSED Global Regents Exam?

How Do You Prepare for the NYSED Global Regents Exam?

Prepare for the New York State Education Department's Global History and Geography Regents Examination by studying the concepts within the test, looking at previous tests, practicing sample questions and timing your responses. The NYSED Global Regents test is given to students at the end of 10th grade.

  1. Review geographical and historical concepts

    You must know several key areas of world history and geography to do well on this Regents exam. These areas include imperialism, the global economy, conflict, golden ages, civil rights, nationalism, human geography, technology and others. The Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center delineates 45 areas to study, ranging from the Neolithic Age to the present time. Additionally, pay attention in history classes.

  2. Study past tests

    Examine previous tests, which are available on the NYSED and Oswego School District websites. Each test consists of a multiple choice section, thematic essay and a combined short answer with document-based essay section as of November 2014. The 50 multiple choice questions are worth 55 percent of the overall test score, and the other areas are worth 15 percent each.

  3. Practice sample questions

    Quiz yourself with multiple-choice questions and answers on various topics. Write short answers and essays relating to world history and geography, which you can bring to a history teacher for review.

  4. Time your responses

    Each section of the test lasts one hour, which means the test lasts three hours in total. Be sure that you can answer 50 multiple choice questions within one hour and write an essay in 60 minutes or less.