How Do You Prepare for the NLN Exam?

How Do You Prepare for the NLN Exam?

Review the test blueprint, the recommended resource list and the Candidate Handbook to effectively prepare for the Certified Nurse Educator examination. After reviewing these resources and the subject matter of the examination, be sure to take the Self-Assessment Examination.

  1. Procure the detailed test blueprint

    Visit the National League for Nursing’s website, and ensure you are eligible to take the NLN examination. Next, click the menu titled Certification for Nurse Educators, and select Exam Prep on the subsequent page. Download both the standard and detailed test blueprints to familiarize yourself with the examination. The detailed test provides information on the exam’s subject and content areas, while the standard test blueprint provides information on scoring and how each area is weighted.

  2. Review the reference list

    After analyzing the structure and scoring of the examination, download the reference list on the Exam Prep page. The reference list provides study guides to each of the subject areas. Review each section’s references to get a feel for the content.

  3. Take the Self-Assessment Examination

    Once you are comfortable with the examination’s subject matter, download the Candidate Handbook on the Exam Prep page. Read the necessary sections in the handbook, and answer the sample questions on pages 12 and 13. If you do well with the practice questions, visit the Self-Assessment Examination page, and download the practice test. Please note, the Self-Assessment Examination download requires a payment to the National League for Nursing.