How Do You Prepare Montessori Lesson Plans?


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To a prepare Montessori lesson plan, identify the new skill to introduce to the students, list the prerequisites, write the objectives, and list the materials needed to make the lesson successful. State where the lesson is scheduled to take place, the number of participating students, the activities the student partake in, and future topics that build off of the lesson.

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A Montessori lesson plan begins by stating the type of lesson the educator is preparing and the skills that students have previously mastered. Assess the level of student preparedness, including their self-confidence, grasp of concepts and level of organization. List three activities or lessons the students need to complete to be prepared for the current lesson. Identify the main objectives, and write specific requirements that students need to meet to master these objectives.

List the items needed to make the lesson successful, including notebook papers, pencils and crayons. Model and describe the new skill to the students, and plan a dialogue of what to say and do as the students model the activity. Anticipate and list the questions or problems the students may have with the new skill, and include ideas for how to help students overcome difficulties. Identify the skills to teach the students once they master the current skill.

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