How Do You Prepare for a Millwright Exam?

The three main areas of focus of the Millwright aptitude test are mathematics, mechanical systems/science and reading comprehension. These should be the areas of concentration when preparing for the test. In the United States, tests may vary a bit in different locations due to different labor-management apprenticeship committees.

Most questions on the Millwright test are multiple choice, but in the United States, some questions may require a short answer or diagram. The mathematics section of the test covers arithmetic, algebraic calculations, conversion-tables, formulas, and basic geometry. The reading comprehension section includes a brief passage to be read by the test-taker and then questions regarding that passage to test spelling, grammar and comprehension. In the mechanical section, questions are based on diagrams, charts and other schematics. Some of the sub-sections for the mechanical part of the test include safety; measurement and layout; benchwork, threads and fasteners, grinders, and power saws; machining; metallurgy and machine alignment; rigging; trade math; and applied print reading.

As of July 2015, study materials are available online from a variety of sources. Because there is no standardized Millwright aptitude exam in the United States, no single authority produces a resource on how to pass the exam. An Internet search for Millwright aptitude test can lead to multiple options for practice questions and exams.