How Do You Prepare for a Medical Coding Exam?


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The best way to prepare for the CPC exam is by taking practice tests, and review any questions that were answered incorrectly, reports Medical Billing and Coding Certification. The CPT coding manual may be brought into the exam, so it's helpful to place tabs in key sections for easy reference and take good notes in the margins.

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Consistently score 80 percent or better on practice exams before scheduling an exam, states MB&CC. Take the practice exams seriously, and time practice tests as if they are the real test. Make sure to replicate the test environment by testing in a quiet place, making use of the manuals throughout the practice test. Develop a time-management strategy using a timer so that the test can be completed in the allotted 5 1/2 hours.

Try different strategies such as breaking the test into smaller sections, and set a goal as to how many questions to answer in that time frame. Remember that 70 percent is required to pass the test, and the practice tests can help individuals focus on weaker areas, reports MB&CC. Individuals can memorize this information by making flashcards or study guides. Another strategy is to prepare the manuals for the test by marking important sections or diagrams with tabs and writing reminders in the margins.

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