How Do You Prepare for a Mechanical Aptitude Test?


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Working sample problems and practice tests are good ways to prepare for mechanical aptitude tests, which measure the understanding of mechanical principles. Working with practice tests helps test takers familiarize themselves with the types of questions typical of mechanical aptitude tests as well as training them for the single-correct-answer, multiple-choice format.

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Mechanical aptitude tests are one form of occupational interest inventory that assesses knowledge of working principles as well as the ability to apply them. As with most standardized tests, knowing the forms questions take helps test takers look for patterns that help in answering similar questions. Some questions on mechanical aptitude tests require test takers to restate principles, identify formulas and do math. For instance, a practice test question may state an operating principle, ask test takers to look at a diagram, and then apply the principle to generate a result that matches one of the multiple-choice answers.

Scoring practice tests is also a good way to identify the types of questions with which the test taker has the most trouble, such as arithmetic errors in math problems or reading comprehension errors in word problems. By identifying problem types and working many examples, test takers practice close editing skills as well as mechanical principles. Further, since most tests are timed, working practice tests helps test takers develop better time-management and test-taking skills.

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