How Do You Prepare for a Kenexa Prove It Test?

As of 2015, students can prepare for a Kenexa Prove It test using the sample questions and practice tests available on Testprep-Online offers study help for the Prove It Excel, typing and accounting tests, in addition to Prove It skills and behavioral tests.

Users can find the Kenexa test preparation questions by searching the left-hand menu on the Testprep-Online main page and clicking Kenexa Tests. The website offers questions for "normal users" and "power users," giving students the option to tailor their studies to their level of expertise.

The Kenexa skills test covers math, filing, typing and Microsoft Office skills. It tests students' proficiency in listening and analytical reasoning. The Kenexa behavioral test assesses users' leadership abilities, temperament and job performance in varying environments.

Kenexa also offers tests for specific jobs, such as bank tellers, medical staff and call center employees. Tests may also be given during the interview process to see if a potential employee is suited for a specific line of work, such as customer service.

Each Kenexa test is formatted differently, depending on what skills are being assessed. The typing test consists of timed typing questions and a short grammar and punctuation test. The accounting test consists of 36 multiple choice questions covering debit, credit and accounting problems.